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A feminine display of grace and beauty or maybe it's a flashy glittery show of color, regardless of the look you want to achieve, our earrings make it easy. Jamie Bentley brand strives to appeal to a wide range of tastes but the overall undertones of classiness are present throughout.

Crystal Earrings

Austrian crystals are part of our finest line of jewelry. If you demand only the best quality, this section is your must-see while you're here.

Shop for colorful crystal drop and stud earrings you'll be totally amazed with the vivid color of these gems, they easily rival any gemstone that comes from the ground - these are man made and are all the rage for women who crave a high end glamorous look.

Chandelier Earrings

This section denotes any long earrings, ones with beads, dangling parts, maybe even feathers will show up every now and then, you'll never know what's in store!

Dangling earrings often have ethnic influence, the brass and beaded detail is associated with a funky style and youthful look since they are most commonly worn by young actresses and pop singers.

Fashion, Gold & Hoops

How about gold earrings with cubic zirconias that put a real diamond to shame? If that's not to your liking then browse the small silver, big hoops and pretty much any other design that doesn't fit into the other categories above.

Varied jewelry fashion styles are represented, this section has good value and there's always something new added in here, with that said you better take a peek inside!