Jewelry Guide

A fashion jewelry guide including answers to common questions, suggestions for shoppers looking for a gift and more information about our collection including important care tips.

How is the jewelry measured?

Every item has measurements in both centimeters and inches. For ease of visualization, we round up or down to the closest increment. For example, if an item is 3 centimeters long, we round up to 1 1/4 inches.

If you're unsure of a measurement or want to clarify something, simply contact us and ask. We have all these pieces in our store so the customer service representative can grab the item, measure it and call you back with it in hand so you can be as specific as you like when asking us a question.

How do I care for my rings?

Even though our rings look real, it's important to note that our rings are not solid silver, they are silver plated which means that the ring is made from another metal, most commonly brass and then electroplated with silver or platinum over top.

This coating is durable but it may eventually wear off to expose the metals underneath. This is normal wear and will happen over time but there are a few steps to keep it looking brand new as long as possible.

1.) Never swim or sit in a hot tub with the ring on. Chlorine is not good for the plating.

2.) Take the ring off before washing your hands. Water won't remove the plating, but moisture and soap is not good for it either. The moisture left between the finger and the band can shorten the lifespan of the plating. Make sure hands are dry before putting the ring on again.

3.) Avoid wearing rings during really hot days, perspiration will gradually wear away the plating.

How do I choose a gift for someone?

It seems like this would be a very simple task, until you see the selection with different shapes and styles and it can quickly become overwhelming!

The first place to look is the "Shop By Occasion" section on the home page. Most important milestones in a woman's life that warrant jewelry as a gift are in one convenient list. The choices found inside have been carefully picked making this category the safest bet for anyone looking for gift ideas.

On the bottom of the homepage, we have several of our most popular selling products listed, you'll be safe choosing anything from that list becuase chances are something that sells very well will be a well received gift for any woman. Also look at the bottom of each product page because we've suggested similar items that have the same style.

Take a peek at her current jewelry collection and observe the style she wears so it's easy to match her current choices with your gift. Remember that if she does not like your gift, you can always return it and select something else!

If you're really stuck, contact us and we can help to suggest something, most of our customer service staff are women and they're always ready to suggest something nice!

What is Jamie Bentley Jewelry made from?


One of the most common and readily available materials, alloy is a blend of 2 or more metallic elements. Blending different metals results in better properties such as corrosion and oxidation resistance (which means they won't tarnish or fade from exposure to air), superior strength and an ideal color for the piece. An example of a popular strong alloy is bronze which is a blend of copper and tin.

Sterling silver.

An alloy of silver and copper. Pure silver is too soft to create rings, if you did buy a pure silver ring it would bend and scratch very easily which is why sterling silver has copper blended into the metal. A silver ring without copper would be stamped 900.

925 silver.

This indicates a stronger blend of silver, still pure but with more strength then the solid version, although not as valuable it is very durable and a popular material for rings and bracelets. The stamp 925 indicates a composition of a minimum of 925 parts per 1,000 of silver.


Is a very strong metal also used in making coins, pots and other common household goods. Copper is rarely used on it's own because it has a reddish-brown hue and most copper jewelry is plated with another metal such as silver or rhodium.


Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, it's a very hard metal and can easily be shaped with detail due to it's malleable soft texture when heated. Once it cools, it sets very firmly. A popular metal for rings with fine detail and gemstone settings.


A very solid silver metallic element that is commonly blended with platinum. It offers a solid coating and prevents tarnishing and corrosion of base metals and as such it's a very popular plating for rings, bracelets and necklaces.


Is one of the purest metals has many uses beyond jewelry plating such as plating precision medical tools. It's very malleable and offers excellent protection for base metals. It prevents oxidation and resists scratches very effectively. It is more solid then gold and offers much superior protection and as a result, it is more expensive then gold.

Cubic zirconia.

A man made gemstone and the most accurate imitation of a real diamond. They are also called CZ diamonds. There are many grades depending on the workmanship and they are classified in the same manner as diamonds, we only stock higher quality AA or AAA cubic zirconia in our rings.


A naturally occurring mineral found in sand and rocks that is cut and polished to have a clear, shiny hue similar to a diamond. In it's natural form it can be colored from brown to clear and even purple.


The term applied to imitation diamonds. Most are man made however original rhinestones come from Germany and are rock crystal found in river beds. Rhinestones can be crafted in many colors and with different brilliance levels making them a very versatile gemstone for settings in necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.

Austrian Crystal.

The highest quality rhinestones crafted in Europe. It is a man made product and rapidly increasing in popularity due to the reasonable price and incredible brilliance of these stones. Easily rivals diamonds with their appeal, clarity and cuts. Austrian crystals are a very popular option for luxury jewelry that is reasonably priced.